About Us

Welcome to the As Yet Unnamed London Theatre Podcast. It hopes to be a podcast discussing London Theatre from the audience’s perspective.

Contributing to the podcast

Here’s what to do if you’d like to be one of the contributors on the podcast.

  1. Use Skype. We do the podcast over Skype as it is easier than setting up meetings and microphones.
  2. Put your head above the parapet. While we prefer that our contributors are theatregoers rather than theatre professionals or others that earn a crust from theatre, we don’t want to say no to anyone really interested in taking part. The rule we make is that you’ve spoken out about London theatre in some kind of public forum. This would usually be blog or regular commenting on a message board such as Whatsonstage or the Guardian blogs but it could include Twitter or other bits.
  3. Be who you say you are. Lots of people pretend to be someone else on the internet and it is not always a bad thing. What we don’t want is for people to pretend to be another blogger, tweeter or other London theatre commentator. Between us, we know quite a few of these people. We are quite happy to have people under assumed names on the podcast, if they have a reason to remain anonymous, but we need to know who you really are who you claim you are.

If this has not put you off you can contact us at theatre@trpw.org, ayultp on Twitter.

We also maintain a contributors group on Facebook called ayu_ltp