Contributing to the podcast

Occasionally I am asked how people can contribute to the podcast. Here are some words.

The contributors to the podcast are mainly bloggers because I prefer things to be  mostly “from the audience perspective”. I am happy to do (and have done a few) interviews and would do more but I don’t want to be too much of an insider.

We record on Sundays, usually at 10:0am or sometimes 6:30pm via Skype.
I prepare a shared Google document on Fridays where I include a list of shows I’ve seen and a master list of current London shows that we haven’t reviewed.
The idea is that people are supposed to fill in plays they’ve seen so that we can come up with a run-list. However what normally happens now is that I compile a list of shows that regular contributors have reviewed or mentioned on twitter and suggest ones that more than one of us have seen as well as the master list. This list is included in an email sent out with the shared document.
Ideally I like to do about 4 show discussions and have the podcast last just over half an hour but it really depends on what people have seen and what they feel enthused about.

I don’t enforce real names on the podcast so contributors like RevStan, WebCowgirl and Phil from the WestEnd Whingers are identified with those names rather than their actual or full names.

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  1. Hello,

    I would like to invite you to Five One Productions’ double bill of Three of Hearts directed by Sean Turner
    and The Lift by directed by Jesse
    Britton (Fringe First 2011 for Bound).


    This double bill runs from 31st Jan to 19th Feb at
    the Etcetera Theatre in Camden, Tuesday – Saturday 7.30pm, 6.30pm on Sundays.

    Three of Hearts

    The tragic tale of three people, tangled together by fate. A mother, a
    man and a lover shed light on the young boy that connects them all. A poignant
    and heartbreaking look into the boundaries of society.


    The Lift

    An Englishman, an Irishman and a Jew get trapped in
    a lift. A funny, intelligent and moving look at what happens when life takes
    everything out of your control. Three men, one lift and a lifetime of choices.


    Should you be interested in covering the show please don’t hesitate to
    contact Sean Turner on 07780 701 930 or who
    will gladly sort some comps out for you.


    Yours faithfully,


    Sibylle Bernardin

    Five One Productions

  2. Hi. Heard about this podcast because the writer of a play I’m marketing is a friend of Charles Watson….We were wondering if you’d be up for reviewing the play– or at least finding out some more info. It’s called Tu i teraz (Here and Now)  and it’s a family drama about Polish immigration, coming to the Hampstead next month.  Email me for the press release/press tickets!

  3. UNIT9, in collaboration with Exzeb Dance Company, is excited to invite you to Artism – a performance about movement that interlaces digital and dance. The premiere of the show will take place on Feb 13th, at The Place in London, as part of Resolution! 2014.

    Please RSVP to byFebruary 7th.

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